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To provide support and comprehensive services to individuals and communities; encourage realignment of personal values and needs; process and manage stressors and traumas; prevent and educate community to enhance mental wellness. 

The CORE RAYS OF RESILIENCE are the pillars of the practice used to promote intentional mental, emotional, physical and spiritual practices that support wellbeing. The seven rays consist of fundamental value areas of self development. Those involved reflect on these values and disciplines, while defining values of their own.


Mental, emotional, and spiritual health needs are largely overlooked within today’s social practices despite the inevitability and impact of physiological stressors. When enough pressure is applied we may rapidly shift into unconscious survival responses that may last and result in sense of loss and/or misalignment. 


Rays of Resilience (ROR) is a growing individual practice in California with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Sydelcis Mendez, that originated from desires to instill self-understanding, empowerment, and resilience within communities. The Core Rays of Resilience emerged from familial values which were later molded by educational training and experience in clinical and non-profit work settings. The approach includes resilience training, narrative frameworks, and cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, while focusing on practices of seven collective values shaping our world experience. Individuals can observe, reflect, and realign with their values regardless of the adversities present.


Sydelcis Mendez (Syd) is a bilingual Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in crisis response and stress management as it relates to individuals, couples, and families during life transitions. Raised in the Bronx by her Dominican family, she witnessed the gaps in resources and opportunities for individuals of different backgrounds. Syd became a therapist after seeing the mental health strains in her community and noting the underrepresentation of qualified providers who provided culturally-sensitive treatment and systems oriented support.


Throughout her career she has served individuals grappling with substance use challenges, homelessness/transient issues, health concerns, developmental needs, sexual assault, domestic violence, addiction, military service/veteran affairs issues, as well as family or marital challenges.

Personal Mantra: “Without the obstacles, triumphs would be meaningless."

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